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While I made this video a while ago ) it still holds true. (The video is experiencing difficulty with the picture, but feel free to give I listen.)
What I believe about counseling

​I believe people can and do change. I believe that healing is possible, although what that looks like is different for every person. I believe that while sometimes just surviving is a heroic feat, the whole of our lives isn't meant to be spent just surviving. I believe that while our past may have an impact on our present, it doesn't have to dictate it. I believe that getting help may be the bravest thing we ever do. And I believe that if you are able to reach out for help, you have more strength than you know.

Spirituality in counseling

Spirituality can be an important part of our lives. Sometimes it's part of what's wounded and needs to be healed. Sometimes it's the foundation that supports us as we face challenges. Sometimes it's part of what grows and changes as we grow and change.

As an ordained minister, I welcome those conversations to whatever degree you want to have them. I'm not here to convert you to any particular tradition but to help you (if you so choose) explore and connect with a spirituality that is authentic and life giving for you.

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