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Tools for dealing with stress

Mindfulness Meditation

"As people become more anxious as they self-quarantine at home, Winston recommends mindfulness meditation, a practice that has been proven to alleviate stress, depression and insomnia, as a way to cope."

The above its from this article from the LA Times about benefits of meditation and mindfulness, simple guides for getting started and links to resources. 



Guided imagery is a kind of meditation in which we enlist the power of our imaginations. It's been shown to be effective in dealing with (among other things)  stress, pain, improving surgical experience, and reducing anxiety. You can see some of the research here.

You can find free guided imageries on YouTube at at


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If you've been a client of mine, you've probably heard me refer to Andrew Johnson's hypnosis apps. I've found them to be terrifically effective for most people dealing with stress, problems sleeping, and anxiety. He has some free apps and some for purchase.I myself have downloaded the Relax+ app which allows me to listen to up to three different hypnosis topics on a loop as I sleep. 

You can also follow him on Facebook, where he is offering free meditations.

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