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Finding your way

through grief:

a six week group

Grief is seldom easy.

Especially in these days, when Covid has effected so many of our rituals.

That's why I'm offering this six-week online group. Here's what's included:

Cloudy Ocean

Tools for grieving.

"Closure is a word used by people who have never suffered a great loss." Anderson Cooper

Grief brings with it lots and lots of feelings. They can be overwhelming. They can be confusing, and those feelings need channels for expression, safe containers for holding them.


In this group, you'll discover tools for helping you acknowledge your feelings and discover how you can have your feelings while still living your life. 

Learning the landscape

Grief is like being dropped into a foreign country where you don't know the language, the customs, or where in the world you are.

Grief brings with it all kinds of questions.

  • Is this normal?

  • Am I doing this right?

  • Why do I feel this way? Or, why don't I feel that way?

  • Does this ever end?

  • How can I grieve without a funeral?

  • What do I do about other people who are telling me how to grieve, that I'm grieving wrong, or that I shouldn't be grieving at all?

In this group, you'll discover some of the basics of grieving (and why no one size fits all.)

Planning Travels
Kayaking at Sunrise

Support and hope

"Your life isn't over, Tom. This part of it is. You get to decide

what the next chapter will be."

Pat Conroy, The Prince of Tides

In this group, you'll get support for wherever you are now with your grief. You may find yourself ready to begin envisioning the next chapter of your life. You're welcome here.

You may be in a place where living a new chapter is completely unimaginable. You're welcome here as well.

White Branch

Tuesday nights, 7:00-8:30 PM  
February 8-March 15
Cost is $35/session.
Payment may be made weekly or all at once ($210.)

Have questions? Interested in registering?Send me a message.

Thanks for reaching out!

Who qualifies for the group?

Any adult age 21 or over who is in NC for the duration of the group.

If you are dealing with major depression or with thoughts of suicide, this group is not appropriate for you. Please reach out for one-to-one help or call the suicide prevention hotline (800-273-8255)

How will we meet?

We will meet online through video. The video platform meets the HIPAA standards for healthcare privacy. You will need the ability to access video conferencing (many people can use their phones) as well as a private space. You will also need to use earbuds or headphones if other people are in your home (or other space) as we meet. 

What if my loss wasn't due to Covid?

Doesn't matter. This group is for anyone dealing with loss: death from any cause, losses other than death (for example, dementia), even other kinds of losses including pets, dreams, relationships, etc.

How much does this cost?

Cost for the group is $35 for each 90-minute session. You are asked to make a commitment for the entire six weeks.

You can pay the $210 all at once or pay $35 

every week.

The group will be limited to12 people.

Who am I and why am I doing this?

Year after year, I've walked with people as they've journeyed through grief. Some of them have been clients in my own community. Some of them have been participants from all over the world in grief workshops I've staffed for over twenty-five years, workshops first begun by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and now continued by those of us trained by her staff.

I've learned that grief wears a thousand faces. And grief doesn't go away if we ignore it. Grief demands a voice. 

As we've journeyed through this pandemic, how could I help but notice the amount of grief that we're all carrying?

That's why I'm offering this workshop. Nothing makes grief easy.


It can be bearable.

You can heal, although healing doesn't look like going back to the way things were and the way you were. Healing means you keep breathing, and somewhere in those breaths, you begin to find life again.

Join me.

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